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Learn how the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) – one of the most successful cradle to career initiatives in the nation – is leveraging the MPOWR solution to realize a $6.12 social return for every $1 invested.

About Us

MPOWR is the only cloud-based case management technology that serves as the central nervous system for collaboratives seeking significant social change through a shared participant centered approach.  MPOWR makes collective impact possible by fostering systems change necessary to achieve positive social results. At the heart of our methodology is true holistic wrap around support for individuals in need by centering human service provider’s focus on shared achievement plans for all their participants.

  • Evidence Based Success

    MPOWR is achieving astonishing results and moving the needle on significant social issues such as college readiness, recidivism, community health and poverty.  Discover case studies of MPOWR’s success.

  • Changing the Culture

    Systems change requires culture change. To succeed at collective impact we must not only improve our use of technology, but also how we organize and work together as a community. Collaboration needs to be real and efficient, not merely a buzzword.  MPOWR helps achieve true collaboration through powerful inter-agency communication capabilities built around those in need.

  • Social and Agency Return on Investment

    Aren’t we all in the businesses of helping other people recover from tough and overwhelming circumstances in life?  MPOWR helps agencies do more with less, allowing case managers and program directors to communicate effectively, both within their agency, and with different agencies in their community.  When agencies are more efficient at serving people, we all experience significant positive social change.

What others say about us

Michelle Martin

“NAZ is implementing a collective impact system with over 30 partners. Using the MPOWR technology solution is the ONLY way we could accomplish true collaborative action. We use the system to coordinate support of one NAZ child or family at a time through a team approach across schools, after-school, health/behavioral health and whole family support programs. And, we track information at a classroom or program level to effectively use data to drive results in the solutions we offer. At NAZ, we believe data tells a story about how the children, families, and community are doing. Only through a comprehensive, user-friendly, coordinated system like MPOWR can we truly see the whole story and take effective action to support progress.”

Michelle MartinCOO, NAZ
Mike Dalke

“Everyone from Supply Core has been fantastic to work with. We are always re-evaluating our program and how we use MPOWR. Technicians have worked tirelessly with us on adding features in order to maximize the efficiency of our program.”

Mike DalkeAssistant Deputy Chief, Rockford Police Department
Shelton Kay

“We really appreciate the ability to track our patient’s connections to other homeless service providers.  We are able to monitor progress as well as identify gaps in person’s journey out of homelessness.  Over time the key players that impact our population have signed on to MPOWR, and this has helped us all in uniting for a common purpose.  The hospital and emergency responders. As well as the local housing authority, have developed more of an understanding of what services exist and how we can work as partners to decrease barriers to care.  It can also help to eliminate unnecessary use of ambulance services and the emergency rooms.”

Shelton KayDirector of Community Services, Crusader Clinic
Sherry Pitney

“MPOWR has proven to be a valuable case management tool for our organization.  With open collaborations we can easily access notes from other agencies to effectively and efficiently manage the completion of set goals for our guests.”

Sherry PitneyExecutive Director, Rockford Rescue Mission