The social good MPOWR can help achieve is limitless.  Of the many sectors inside the realm of collective impact, we specialize on the four following focus areas.  Click away and find out more about MPOWR’s powerful results in these categories.


Cradle to Career

The goal is simple, to get children college ready.  The challenges are endless, from poverty, to family environment, to availability of good educational resources.  MPOWR is used in organizations such as Minneapolis’ Northside Achievement Zone to set attainable goals in these areas, and track student progress throughout their journey from cradle to career.

Community Impact

MPOWR’s capabilities within communities are powerful, and include helping resolve problems such as homelessness, resource tracking, and overall community health and metrics.  Discover how MPOWR can help improve your community through strategic visioning, goal setting, and actionable plans to move the needle in areas your community needs it most.

Public Safety

Public Safety can be a major problem in communities, and MPOWR is being used to lower recidivism rates and help prisoners re-entering communities become productive members of society.  MPOWR also helps communities with their jail diversion initiatives by providing the conduit for preventing prison time for certain qualified individuals.

Population Health

We help connect healthcare industry stakeholders in a secure sharing environment, to ensure the most effective treatment of patients.  Through a number of methods such as referrals to correct health care providers, patient data sharing, and reducing redundancy, MPOWR helps improve population health one individual at a time.