The public safety sector is seeing many benefits from case management initiatives that aim to give career opportunities to released prisoners. MPOWR is active in public safety programs that seek to integrate prisoners back into society and become productive citizens. The software gives these individuals a holistic network of support by connecting law enforcement, parole and probation officers, social service agencies and communities. MPOWR facilitates a shared collaboration for all stakeholders by sharing information, needs and risk assessment.

MPOWR also provides support to jail diversion programs by acting as the conduit for case management programs that create opportunities for lower level offenders instead of adding them to the jail system. These programs provide hope for participants, and decrease the burden of taxpayers for increase inmates in the jail system.

A community’s public safety can benefit in the following ways:

  • Reduce recidivism
  • Decrease repeat offenders
  • Decrease jail stays
  • Decrease community crime statistics
  • Provide a clear and achievable path of self sufficiency
  • Link to statewide information and resources

Case Study

Construction work

MPOWR helps City of Rockford Public Safety Initiative reduce recidivism.  Only 12% of the parolees who accepted case management services have re-offended