MPOWR helps communities achieve their goals. Other software solutions promote common measurement and goals, but not collective action. MPOWR makes collective impact possible by creating an environment where vision, knowledge, action plans and measurements are communicated and shared among all collaborators in real time.

Fully Customizable

MPOWR is fully customizable based on your community’s unique needs. Fields such as goal screens, dashboards, and the following 15 participant-centered “out-of-the-box” objectives can be customized to fit your efforts:

Addictions Financial Mental Health
Belongings Health Recreation
Community Service Housing Relationships
Education Identification Spiritual
Employment Legal Transportation

Goals are housed and shared on the ‘goal screen’ where plans and resources are identified and assigned statuses. The ‘participant profile’ screen provides a centralized summary of individual participant goals and plan notes. With formal Release of Information and goal status updates, all partners in the collaborative are able to recognize their value in the participant’s improvement process.

  • Holistic approach targets core behavioral issues
  • Customizable participant-centered objectives
  • Robust measurement and reporting tools
  • Electronic referrals between agencies
  • Classroom/Event registration and attendance
  • Easy participant check-in
  • Assessments and Survey Integration
  • Tracking of participant services and resources
  • Full regulatory compliances with HIPAA, HUD, FERPA, Drug and Alcohol Part 2, and Mental Health Act regulations

MPOWR acts as the central nervous system for effective collaboration, helping multiple agencies share everything necessary to move the needle; to create and achieve sustainable and scalable improvements to individual’s lives and outcomes.