End User Essentials*
o Privacy and the Release of Information
o Dashboard
o Participant Profile
o Intake procedure
o Goals and Notes
o Creating a Participant Success Plan
o Resources
o Provider Database
o Referrals
o Hands on experience
4 HoursBeginnerEnd-Users
MPOWR Sharing Features**
o Collaboration and Sharing data
o Viewing tabs
o Viewing goals
o Viewing/responding to incoming referrals
o Hands on experience
3 HoursBeginner/IntermediateEnd-Users
Additional MPOWR Features
o Class Set-up
o Creating Assessments
o Hands-on Experience
2.5 HoursIntermediateEnd-Users/Admin
Data Analytics
o iZenda Standard Reports
o iZenda Custom Reports
3 HoursAdvancedAdmin
o End User Essentials
o MPOWR Sharing Features
o Additional MPOWR Features
o Data Analytics
o Provider level configuration
o User name/password administration
21 HoursAdvancedAdmin


**Mandatory if operating within a continuum of providers.