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Firmly Planted in Rich, Illinois Soil

Born in the heartland of northern Illinois, the seeds of MPOWR® were planted in 2002 by Peter Provenzano as a result of being placed on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the country with his integrated supply management business, SupplyCore.

A group of executives who had all made the list were meeting quarterly to exchange information and learn from each other. Peter needed a way to report organizational results and so, in true Midwestern, get-it-done style, he asked his software team to come up with an internal tool that would track progress against strategic objectives. Here began the roots of the software known today as Envision. "This software allows us to actually execute our strategy. My managers and leaders use the tool to communicate plans and initiatives tracking progress towards each goal. Because of Envision we have been able to lead our company through a period of incredible growth, causing us to return to the Inc. list of high growth businesses a total of 8 times!"

In the meantime, a local shelter began developing software to help end the cycle of homelessness by connecting different social service organizations with a common platform of information believing that if knowledge could be shared across agencies, it would improve outcomes. The goal was to assist both the individuals and the community at large through collective impact and collaboration.

Peter felt strongly about helping to improve his hometown and in 2013 SupplyCore purchased this software, renaming it Engage. Using SupplyCore’s resources, Engage is used by not-for-profits in communities across the country, nurturing self-sufficient individuals and their families. Together, with Envision for strategy execution, the two platforms form the bedrock of MPOWR® - a name chosen because both platforms empower the people and organizations who use them.


We develop technology to MPOWR® individuals, organizations, networks and communities to improve outcomes and achieve systems change.


At MPOWR®, we aspire to redefine how people develop and execute plans to realize greater efficiency and prosperity. We accomplish this by producing market leading systems that facilitate strategy execution and goal achievement.


We foster a results oriented, transparent and respectful environment anchored in honesty, curiosity, and humility. We value continuous improvement. We put the company’s interest before our own agendas. We promote personal growth that advances the organization’s goals.

Plan to Execute Executive Handbook by MPOWR - Thought Leadership Resource
plan to execute
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