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Enable Your Participants to Achieve Positive Outcomes

Shift the approach from agency-centered to collaborative, participant-centered, case management and say goodbye to silos of service. Break down barriers within your community. Give ownership back to the people you’re helping so they can participate in their own comprehensive plan and reach their goals.

Goal achievement plans

Create individual and family goal plans within and across agencies to enable each participant to realize his or her full potential

Secure data sharing

Robust release of information matrix supports true collaboration while maintaining privacy for the individual while aligning resources across agencies to enable lasting outcomes

Participant-centered configuration

Tailor the system to match the unique data needs of your organization to successfully manage programs and services related to each individual

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Shift from agency-centered to participant-centered with MPOWR® Engage.
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Effect Lasting Change Through Collaboration

The people you serve are facing complex challenges but it seems like you are on an island alone. With Engage, agencies can support lasting change with their participants by collaborating around the unique needs of the individual. By closing the loop and connecting agencies in your community, Engage will help break the cycle of dependence and lead to sustainable outcomes.

Shared Achievement Plan

Identify needs and track progress toward individual and family goals by leveraging community resources

Secure Release of Information (ROI)

Participant-authorized data sharing allows agencies to work together on a single case file without compromising the privacy of the individual

Closed-Loop Referrals

Real-time confirmation when referred services are delivered by participating agencies

backbone organizations

Drive Systems Change in Your Community

As the center hub of a network of agencies focused on collective impact, backbone organizations strive to align partner organizations across a common vision. Having a common technology platform centered on individuals and families is what enables the mutually reinforcing activities and shared measurement needed to achieve real, lasting results. Continuous communication across the network allows you to shift from simple cooperation to fully integrated programs, planning and funding. Pair Engage with our strategic execution tool, Envision, and tie participants outcomes to collective impact goals.

Collaborative case management

Stay in sync with partners and accelerate your workflow by sharing goals, case notes, client profiles and much more for better team-wide communication

Dashboards and analytics

Robust ad-hoc reporting and dashboard capability allows a clear view of individual and family progress towards goals and aligns effort across the network

Common participant profile

Reduce redundant intake and create a holistic view of each participant to identify needs and streamline delivery of services

stand-alone organizations

Maximize Limited Agency Resources

Not in a position to collaborate? As a robust case management solution, Engage can help you efficiently manage your key data, track case notes, and record resource delivery in order to help focus your time where it really matters. Organizations of all kinds can benefit from easy-to-use software without limited functionality; all the tools – regardless of size.

Participant-centered case management

Spend more time helping individuals and less time doing paperwork. Quickly access participant history with your agency.

Data driven decision making

Embedded analytics and ad-hoc query tools allow you to create reports and dashboards to drive decisions around improved outcomes.

Resource Tracking

Record items and services given across your organization to ensure funding dollars follow the need.

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success stories

With open collaborations we can easily access notes from other agencies to effectively and efficiently manage the completion of set goals for our guests.
Sherry Pitney
Rockford Rescue Mission