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Big Time Features

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Participant-centered case management
The participant casefile gives agencies a holistic view of each individual’s needs and service plan through comprehensive profile data management, program enrollments, household management, and case notes.
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Share data between agencies
With privacy compliance built-in through a robust Release of Information matrix, it is easy to share information with partner agencies while maintaining participant privacy, enabling true collective impact.
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Participant achievement plan
Help your participants realize meaningful change and lasting results with a common, shared achievement plan. Start with goal plan templates, or create and manage individual goals and steps tailored to each participant’s particular needs.

Nothing Small About These...

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Personalized participant profile
Your agency is unique, and so are the participants you serve. MPOWR’s powerful category & field management system allows you to collect, analyze, and report on the data you need to meet your goals and improve outcomes.
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Services and resource tracking
Simplify human services delivery and coordinate with partner agencies through intuitive resource management, eligibility rules, and check-in / check-out functionality.
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Real-time electronic referrals
A streamlined referral process ensures no participant is missed in the exchange through an easy-to-use dashboard. Electronic notifications save time and effort by letting case managers know whether the referral was accepted or declined.
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Classroom module
with attendance tracking
Whether scheduling a one-time event or a recurring meeting or class, manage your class roster more efficiently and effectively with attendance and compliance tracking.
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Reports and dashboards
Your data tells a story, and you want to hear it. Embedded analytics and ad-hoc query tools allow you to create amazing reports, powerful dashboards, and rich visualizations that provide case managers, agency directors, and funders with the visibility they need to measure results and improve outcomes.
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Import and export data
Flexible tools enable your workflow and allow you to transfer participant data into and out of the MPOWR platform with ease.
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