Align. Communicate. Execute.All with one strategy execution platform.

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Create a Culture of Execution

Strategy doesn’t get executed when it’s locked in a dusty binder. With MPOWR Envision®, you can leave those binders behind and upgrade to organizational-wide dashboards that empower your employees to take action and feel ownership over initiatives.

MPOWR Envision’s® user-friendly, cloud-based system gives you real-time visibility to address issues head on, so you can stop looking around and start looking forward.

Intuitive user experience:

Easy-to-navigate platform gives your team confidence when using the software, encouraging quick adoption and regular use.

Powerful visualization tools:

Built-in features include executive-level dashboards, customizable key performance indicators and dynamic action plans that show your progress and the health of strategic goals.

Real-time visibility

Transparent communication at all levels in the organization leads to alignment and achievement of strategic goals. Departmental silos of information are easily shared increasing accountability and agility.

MPOWR Strategy Map, Strategic Plan on MacBook
MPOWR Envision®: Accelerate Growth

Build Accountability and Decision-Making

MPOWR Envision® builds accountability and decision-making for organizations who are ready to commit to execution.

Discover the software that small- and mid-sized businesses use to mobilize their teams, accelerate growth and streamline reporting all with one, easy-to-use tool.

Enable Progress with Transparency and Alignment

When everyone sees their role in your strategic vision, you accelerate growth and inspire initiative.

Simplified reporting:

Give executives clear insight to performance and outcomes.

Organizational transparency:

To ensure everyone is a part of success.

Customizable visualizations:

Display real-time status of actions and goals to achieve milestones.

Why MPOWR Envision®?

We were our first customer

We didn't just create software to create software. We were our first customer. We created this software as a real business looking to solve real business problems. Back in the early 2000s and after years of fast growth and recognition on the Inc. 500, executing our strategy and tracking progress against each goal were critical to our parent company's future.

Now almost two decades later and after upgrading our solution with new technology, we continue to use MPOWR Envision®. Learn more about our story.

Plan to Execute Executive Handbook by MPOWR - Thought Leadership Resource
plan to execute
An executive handbook to develop
and execute strategy

success stories

Having our goals and initiatives in a cloud-based software is a significant advantage compared with our previous method. Envision drives our team to load progress towards goals and complete the projects necessary to achieve our strategy.
Reg Gustafson
Clinkenbeard and Associates an M2M Company