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Big Time Features

Personalized Application Dashboard
A central home page with configurable metrics and assignment-driven action items that each user can customize according to their preferences, presented in a clear dashboard format. Drill-through capabilities in each dashboard element allow the user to see the specifics driving the visualization. Real-time visibility and understanding of progress gives users at all levels of the organization the relevant, information needed to drive strategy execution.
MPOWR Platform Dashboard, Strategy Map, Business Operations, Macbook
Interactive Strategy Dashboard with Actionable Insights
Strategy map visualization with color-coded (green-yellow-red) elements gives a top-down view of overall strategy health, allowing the user to identify at a glance where plans are progressing and in what areas potential issues need to be addressed. This allows focused course correction and enables maximum agility in the face of business challenges. Drill-through enabled metrics drive action towards overall strategic goals.
MPOWR Platform Dashboard, New Customer Sales, Historical Performances, Tablet
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Time-based KPIs can be graphed according to numeric, percentage or currency-based goals, with color-coded (green-yellow-red) performance thresholds and target values, allowing for both progress monitoring and trend analysis. Having measurable goals that can be linked to strategies and action plans across departments allows for transparent communication and proactive pursuit of strategies, enabling execution.
MPOWR Platform Dashboard, Tablet
Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Keep track of the most important initiatives by easily linking CSFs with Action Items, KPIs and other strategy elements from across different parts of the strategic plan. This enables cross-functional communication and the ability to clearly see how progress – or lack thereof – is affecting critical drivers of the overall strategy health.

Nothing Small About These...

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Real-Time Email Notifications
Keeps owners and collaborators informed in real-time as updates to progress and actions are made
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Cross-Team Collaborations
Eliminates silos and increases transparency
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Activity Digest Reports
Summary report scheduled for delivery on the day(s) and frequency selected allows organizational transparency of the strategic goals and reports
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Global Search and Export
Find everything related to an action item, person or initiative easily and quickly
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Save Work as Draft, Publish
When Ready
Allows a virtual ‘parking lot’ of ideas that can be published later when appropriately developed
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Progress Notes and Strategic Journaling
Captures activity related to each element of the strategy and enables visibility and communication across the team as things are happening
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Easy Breadcrumb Trail Navigation
Quickly and efficiently navigate through different elements of the strategic plan to review status and keep things up-to-date
Plan to Execute Executive Handbook by MPOWR - Thought Leadership Resource
plan to execute
An executive handbook to develop
and execute strategy