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Let’s Envision This Together

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Your Talent on Full Power
When your people are connected to your plan or project with real time digest reports, emails and progress notes, including initiatives everyone is working on throughout the organization, they are engaged and excited about pulling together. Silos come down, collaboration happens and transparency allows everyone to accomplish goals, driving real organizational change.
MPOWR Platform Dashboard, Notifications platform
Connecting People in Apps They Use
Envision integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Docs, Box, Dropbox and One Drive so, no matter what environment your team works in, they can see and access files in a variety of different places—connecting everything together.
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Universal Clarity
With a sunburst map that uses the universal red-yellow-green designations, teams can see immediately a summary of all their projects and how they’re doing...Critical, At Risk or Healthy. This health overview allows people to pro-actively put measures in place to either keep green going, avert problems with yellow or give red immediate attention.
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Wherever You Are – However You Are
No waiting to “get back to your desk” to complete a project in a system or send another email. Crucial information can be added and accessed immediately from a mobile device making the information in your plan or project real time. You can even add progress notes with voice to text without the hassle of fat-fingering. Envision meets you where you are, where you work, and where you plan. So simple.
Plan to Execute Executive Handbook by MPOWR - Thought Leadership Resource
plan to execute
An executive handbook to develop
and execute strategy