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The perfect option for a growing team, start-up, or small business that wants to align team activity to execute their plan and achieve their goals

Key Features
  • Develop and execute one (1) plan
  • Rich dashboards & visualizations
  • Static KPI's
  • Activity digest & reminders
  • Mobile optimized design
  • Up to two (2) 3rd party integrations
  • Interactive tutorials
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Everything a small or medium sized business needs to develop, execute, and measure their plans

Key Features
  • Everything in Essentials, PLUS:
  • Create up to five (5) plans
  • Linear and Stepped KPI's
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Up to ten (10) 3rd party Integrations
  • Advanced user permissions
  • Data export
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Ideal for medium to large organizations managing multiple plans across multiple teams and/or locations

Key Features
  • Everything in Professional, PLUS:
  • Unlimited Plans
  • Advanced KPIs and visualizations
  • Unlimited 3rd party integrations
  • Premier support
  • Onboarding Accelerator included
  • Unlimited Precision Guidance
  • SLA guarantee
  • And more…
Basic Features

Organization Plans

More plans allow teams and organizations of varying size and complexity to create, manage, and track all of their strategic or operational plans.

1 Plan

5 Plans


Plan builder wizard

A powerful, intuitive wizard helps you configure, create, and add participants to your strategic plan in minutes.

Flexible, cascaded plan structure

Track any strategic or operational plan with Envision's flexible plan hierarchy up to five levels deep.

Strategy overview dashboard

A high-level dashboard for each strategic plan, with actionable insights letting you know where your plan is on track, where attention is required, and how engaged your team is.

Mobile-ready application

Stay engaged with your plans and your team even when you're on-the-go with Envision's responsive, mobile design.

Date-driven actions

Date driven actions with email reminders keep the focus where it needs to be and help you stay on track.

Automated plan health

A powerful algorithm automatically rolls up the health of Actions, KPI's and other activities throughout the plan, giving you a complete picture of progress toward your strategies and objectives.

Advanced search

Search everything across all of your plans including attachments, progress notes, users, tags, and more, with powerful filtering capability to find just what you need.


Add yourself as a collaborator on plan activities to receive updates and notifications just like the owner does.

Progress notes

Keep your team informed and record progress on plan activities using Envision's rich content editor with familiar document markup features, hyperlinks, attachments, and user @mentions with real-time notifications.

Reminders & notifications

Keep on top of your assigned activities with reminders and real-time notifications

Related links

Create links throughout your plan to quickly understand and navigate between related activities.

Activity digest

Email digests of plan activity and progress notes enable transparency, alignment, and let all plan participants see strategy execution happen.




File storage

More storage means more space to save files, images, and important documents.




Customizable terminology

Re-label activities across your plan to align with your organization's strategy terminology.
Advanced Features

Personalized user dashboard

Customize your personal landing page with configurable dashboard widgets to organize your work and show you the critical information you need to see, all in one dynamic view.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard

See all of your Key Performance Indicators in one central dashboard with rich visualizations and actionable insights to keep you on top of your metrics.

Static KPI metrics

Track metrics towards the same target over each period of measure.

Linear KPI metrics

Track increasing or decreasing metrics towards an end target over a period of time.

Stepped KPI metrics

Track metrics towards a variable target over each period of measure.

Advanced KPI metrics

Create KPI's that are aggregated or calculated from multiple KPI's or data sets.

Advanced KPI visualizations

Choose your preferred KPI visualization from several different chart types.

Critical success factors

Connect the most essential activities across your plan to Critical Success Factors to analyze progress and results of these important milestones in the CSF dashboard.

History log

See all changes within your plan activities including who made them and when.

Custom tags

Use custom tags as keywords or labels to easily organize and find related activities across your plan.

Quick Add notepad

Add a progress note anywhere in your plan with the Quick Add notepad available on every screen.

Draft and publish

Save plan activities and progress notes drafts like digital sticky notes and publish them to the plan when you're ready.

Customizable GUI / whitelabling

Add your own logo and customize the user interface to match your organization's brand.

Data export

Export plan data in CSV and XLS format.

3rd party apps & integrations

Integrate with industry leading tools such as Slack or Google Drive.





SSL encryption

Secured with AES 256 bit end-to-end encryption to keep your data safe.

Data encryption at rest

In today's world, encryption in transit is not enough. We keep your data safe even when it's not moving.

Role-based access control

Assign the appropriate role with only the necessary access rights to each of your users.

Social provider authentication

Log in with your Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. No need to remember new passwords.

Advanced account permissions

Configure custom user roles to control who can access what features across your account.

Built-in tutorials & walkthroughs

Interactive, step-by-step guides to using the system, built right into the user interface.

Self-serve knowledge base

Find help guides, articles, and tutorials on anything you need right on our website.

Interactive sample data

Quickly learn about all of the system's features and get started on your journey to success through an interactive sample strategic plan.

Online support portal

Get support from a Customer Success Manager whenever you need it through our online portal.



Onboarding & implementation support
Dedicated implementation support and end-user training to new MPOWR Envision Customers for their first 90 days.

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Unlimited Precision Guidance Sessions

Quick, personalized work sessions with your Customer Success Manager that provide tailored recommendations and guidance on how to leverage features and functionality of Envision.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Get assigned a dedicated specialist to assist with all of your account's needs.