Onboarding Accelerator

Customer Success Manager training customer during Onboarding Accelerator

What is the Onboarding Accelerator?

Implementing software can be a challenge even for the most adept organizations, it can be tedious and laboring. The 90-day Onboarding Accelerator provides new customers with the foundation needed to effectively and efficiently setup Envision and train you and your end users.

Starting from an onboarding framework based on best practices, your Customer Success Manager will work closely with you to deliver a high-quality implementation and thoroughly understand the nuances of your organization and plan(s). With a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you will have a vigorous onboarding strategy and see a swift return on your investment.

Customer Success Manager writing down notes for Onboarding Strategy

Personalized Path to Success

As part of the Onboarding Accelerator your Customer Success Manager will work with you to create a personalized path and timeline for launch. They will provide suggestions and best practices around how to setup and successfully implement Envision.

The Customer Success Manager will be available throughout your Onboarding Accelerator to help ensure things go off without a hitch and will make sure your organization is adopting Envision and ready for long term success.

Customer Success Manager who is a product expert providing online training for users.

Trained by a product expert

People use the tools that they understand best, your Customer Success Manager will increase engagement with personalized trainings during your onboarding experience. A new software application can be intimidating and a lot to learn, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you through understanding the features and how to best implement them to match the simplicity or complexity of your plan(s).

Every Customer Success Manager is an Envision specialist and has extensive experience working with customers to get the most out of the product. They will share best practices which they have seen work for other organizations using Envision.

Satisfied customer because of successful user adoption.

Foster User Adoption

No matter how intuitive a new application is, implementation doesn’t equal adoption. Your Customer Success Manager will help put onboarding strategies in place to encourage user acceptance and adoption of Envision.

Communication is a cornerstone implementation strategy, during your onboarding communication will be constant and Envision will be ingrained into your company culture. Your Customer Success Manager will hone in on your specific goals when communicating and training you and your team. This personalized messaging will go a long way in driving user adoption.

90 Days

Get to know you

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will get to know you and what you want to get out of using Envision.

Get to know you

Personalized Path to Success

Your Customer Success Manager will create a personalized path and timeline for launching Envision.

Get to know you


Your Customer Success Manager will hold live online training sessions designed specifically for you and your team.

Get to know you


Your Customer Success Manager will check up and answer any remaining questions before your 90-day Onboarding Accelerator is complete.

Get to know you
See it happen

See it Happen ℠

You and your team will have an all around understanding of the features and functionality and are seeing it happen using Envision.