Guided Strategic Planning Process

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Want to find out where you are in your strategic journey? Take our Strategy Readiness Assessment. It’s quick, easy and you can share the results with your leadership and management team. Find out how to start your strategy execution journey today!

  • 12 questions to assess strategy readiness and execution
  • Complete in 3-5 minutes
  • Your results, including a complimentary consultation, emailed immediately to you
  • Find out what your organization needs to address and why

Can you eliminate the strategy-execution gap? If your organization is growing, you need a way to properly manage that growth through deliberate strategy execution. Use this guide to ensure your goals are met and your organization is put on a path to sustained success.

  • Mission, Vision, Values as foundation
  • The Value of Strategic Goals
  • Strategy Execution Must be Shared Across the Organization
  • Embrace Technology and Toss the Binders

The first entry for the Non-Profit Leadership Series, the Board Meeting Success Kit is specifically designed to walk you through the Board Meeting process step by step, with tips and tools to ensure a successful meeting and experience. In the Success Kit you will find these six turnkey categories:

  • The Board Packet
  • Meeting Prep
  • Taking Notes Like Pro
  • Tech Tips & Tools
  • The Impact of Bylaws
  • The Meeting Agenda Template
Plan to Execute Executive Handbook by MPOWR - Thought Leadership Resource
plan to execute
An executive handbook to develop
and execute strategy