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Make Execution a Reality with Our Services

Having the technology tools to effectively put your plan into action goes a long way, but sometimes you need just a little bit more to really take off. At MPOWR, our team is ready to help. With a variety of services that assist you to additional consultations for creating and building an executable strategic plan, we have the trained professionals who will help you to See It Happen ℠

FAST STRATEGY - Three Goals in Three Months

  • For fast moving, fast implementing leadership teams who need a short term plan
  • Building a Culture of Urgency and Ownership
  • Communicating to Your Team – Both Your Goals and Your Timeline

Pre-Planning Services

  • The Twelve Critical Questions to Answer About Your Organization
  • Organizational Cultural Assessments
  • Logistics and Leadership

Post-Planning, Execution Services

  • Planning and Execution Expectations Going Forward
  • Clarity, Communication and Leading by Example
  • Learning How to Say ‘No’
  • Celebrating Achievement
  • Annual MPOWR Envision Subscription Required

Full Strategic Planning Facilitation and Execution Services

  • Involving the Whole Team Through Exercises and Break Out Sessions
  • Reporting Out to Colleagues and Selling Ideas to Each Other
  • Organizational Engagement
  • Formulation of Clear and Actionable Goals
  • Annual MPOWR Envision Subscription Required

Senior Strategy Executive Team

Making the leap from developing solid strategy to executing it requires dedication and focus. Our Senior Strategy Executives are able to provide additional services that help you get on a solid path to real strategic execution.

Select the service that fits you best and schedule a convenient time above to speak with one of our team members about your unique challenges. All discussions are confidential and estimates can be given based on your specific parameters.

Jeff Fahrenwald

Jeff Fahrenwald

Vice President of Strategy Development and Execution

Andrea Gibbs

Andrea Gibbs

Strategic Execution Executive

Lauren Zerey

Lauren Zerey

Manager of Strategic Support