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From Inc. 5000 to Stratospheric Growth with SupplyCore

From $70M to $440M in a 5 year period, Supply Core had extraordinary growth in a short amount of time. What caused this growth and how was the company able to manage it?

"Actually executing our strategic plan!” says Peter Provenzano, the owner and president of SupplyCore. “We developed our Envision software for the purpose of tracking metrics for a group of Inc. 5000 presidents I met with once a month. I thought, ‘If this information is important enough for me to report to my president’s group, it’s important enough to track for my management team.’"

Not only did the team start to track the information, they entered it into an in-house specialized software. Over time, it became obvious that this software was the catalyst for focus, clarity and alignment, enabling effective management and responsiveness when new opportunities came along. Fast, successful growth was the outcome. “We thought if it helped us this much, it would be great for other fast-growing companies”, said Provenzano.

"In order to move quickly, we have to be fast moving to respond to our customers and their requirements. Envision allows us to be flexible because it engages the whole organization. It’s taking strategy planning and moving it beyond to responsive strategy execution. We can really leverage good ideas quickly, adjusting and taking advantage of the strength and resources in our whole leadership team."

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